A new VR study finds that virtual Reality appears to be capturing the hearts and minds of, well everyone!

A new study by Market Intelligence Firm Greenlight VR found that 71% of consumers think brands using VR are “forward thinking and modern”.

  • 53% of customers said they would be more likely to purchase from a brand who used virtual reality vs. one who did not
  • 68% of people who have not used the technology were interested in doing so


Consumer using Oculus Rift

(Person using Oculus Rift)


The report predicted that by 2020, 37 million people in the USA alone would own a VR headset, and that would rise to 136 million by 2025.

Commenting on the study, Steve Marshall (Greenlight VR’s head of research) stated:

“We’re seeing specific VR activities have unique emotional footprints, offering fascinating insights for those who are considering their VR strategies. “For example, among our sample, watching a live broadcast event in virtual reality generates significantly higher ratings of positive emotions such as ‘happy’ and ‘energetic’ when compared with playing a VR video game,” Marshall said.