VR Artist Residency

Traditional media meets VR

Start VR has launched our ‘VR Artist Residency’ pilot program, which will see us invite two leading practitioners from traditional screen media and creative industries into our studio to collaborate on new, interactive cinematic VR projects.

We’re thrilled to announce the first VR Artist Resident is writer, director and producer Ryan Griffen. Inspired by 1950s cinema, genre films of the 1980s, and a passion for fusing modern Australian storytelling with classic Genre themes, Ryan’s work spans short film, feature film and television. 

More recently, Ryan has continued his partnership with Goalpost Pictures to deliver the second season of Cleverman, the acclaimed, high concept Genre series that follows two estranged Indigenous brothers struggling to co-exist with non-human creatures living among them.

Our VR Artist Residency pilot program is funded with assistance from the Screen Australia Enterprise Ideas Program. The VR Residency is an innovative program which gives our company a chance to introduce new creativity and perspectives from more traditional media into the VR platform.

It is also an opportunity to collaborate with local talent to create Australian VR that competes on the world stage while simultaneously building a stronger VR community in Australia – the opportunities are limitless.

Want to be our next VR artist in residence?

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