Startgate™ Virtual Reality App Publishing Platform

Startgate™ XR Publishing Platform

Innovative brands such as Qantas, UTS, Samsung, Laing + Simmons have embraced VR with their own dedicated virtual reality apps.

Startgate enables you to have your own custom branded premium virtual reality app on all the popular platforms including: Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard (iOS & Android), Google Daydream, Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Startgate virtual reality apps will deliver your 360° video content to mobile handsets even if your audience does not have a VR headset.

Whether you’re looking to create VR experiences for marketing, entertainment, tourism, real estate or education, Startgate’s flexible publishing tools will get you to market quickly.

Startgate - Virtual Reality App Publishing Platform
Startgate - Virtual Reality App Publishing Platform - App View

Features & Analytics

Startgate - Virtual Reality App Publishing Platform - 360 video heatmaps
Video Heatmaps
Discover what footage captures your audiences’ eye.
Startgate - Virtual Reality App Publishing Platform - VR Analytics
Engagement Analytics
Learn what content resonates with your user.
Cinema Control Mode
Synchronise video playback across local network for VR-cinema experience.
Streaming 360º
With quicker access to your content, streaming 360 video offers a better experience for your customer
Multi Language
Target international markets with support for multiple languages in your apps menu and interactions.
Multi-Path Narrative 
Let your audience “choose their own adventure”.
Travel around the VR space simply by looking at an icon.
Self Publish
Upload and manage your own VR content.
Major VR Platforms
Deliver content to all the major VR platforms, inc China.
Custom Template Menu
Integrate your branding within a VR optimised interface.
Preview & Categories
Manage, categorise and display all your content in 2D and 3D.
Portrait navigation
In 2D this mode is perfect for quickly viewing content.
360° Magic Window
View and swipe around the video without needing a headset.
VR On/Off Switch
Switch between cardboard VR and 360° magic window mode.
Custom Call To Action
Embed a “Call To Action” button to drive greater engagement.
In-App Notifications
Notify your audience about the latest content with targeted messages.
Social Sharing
Encourage your audience to share the content with their networks.