Wentworth VR

Every Cell has a story. Unlock yours.

Original Project   |  Interactive Cinematic VR

Wentworth VR is a thrilling interactive cinematic virtual reality experience that thrusts you in the brutal and exhilarating world of the infamous, all female Wentworth Correctional Center.

Upon your arrival it’s unclear why you’ve been incarcerated but you’ll need your quick wits and dog eat dog cunning, if you’re to stay alive in your hostile new home.

Kill or be Killed. Your choices have consequences as the plot explores an alternative narrative scenario set in “J-block” with Roach and her crew on the war path. Wentworth VR offers fans a unique opportunity to explore the Wentworth universe first hand, offering audiences a compelling insight into a cast of colorful characters that will make your life hell.

The Wentworth VR series is an exhilarating, interactive prison VR thriller made for mature audiences.


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Interactive Cinematic VR

How would you cope with life in a women’s prison, struggling to adjust to and make sense of your challenging new routine and environment?

Wentworth VR is an intense dramatic narrative that will force you to make difficult choices as you shape the trajectory of your story using Start VR’s light-and-intuitive interaction mechanics.

Immerse yourself in the rich cinematic universe of Wentworth VR; navigate complex prison politics; piece together your own past; and above all – try to stay alive.

Episode One

Welcome to the Jungle

As a new prisoner at Wentworth, you must quickly find your feet and figure out who to trust in this dangerous new environment.

Episode Two

Choose your side

The previous occupant of your cell committed suicide in mysterious circumstances, and the J-Block crew are on the warpath.

Original Collaboration

Wentworth VR is an original project collaboratively developed and financed by FremantleMedia Australia and Start VR.

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Wentworth TV Series

This is Australian drama at its edge-of-the-seat best. Powerful and confronting, Wentworth is a modern adaptation of the iconic series Prisoner, which pushed boundaries more than three decades ago. Set in Wentworth Correctional Centre, each episode explores the lives of a uniquely close-knit family of very different women and how they survive the challenges of living amongst warring criminals fighting for supremacy.

Wentworth is now screening in 140 countries with adaptations in three different languages and boasts numerous awards and nominations locally and internationally.

Learn more about Wentworth TV on Showcase.

Wentworth VR Merchandise

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VR Headsets

Order a custom branded (limited edition) VR cardboard headset and experience Wentworth VR on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Online Store

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