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The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is considered Australia’s number one young university, engaging students in collaborative learning, supported by cutting-edge technologies, in world-class facilities.

The challenge was to attract new international students to UTS, to showcase the incredible educational facilities and provide a unique insight into student life on campus and around Sydney. UTS had a specific desire to create an experience that showed the campus as a safe and reassuring environment for potential international students and their families.

Drawing upon traditional documentary film making techniques start VR developed four immersive 360° videos that provide an insightful tour of the campus, an authentic experience of student life, an exploration of facilities and teaching, as well as a look at the available range of student support services.

Start VR employed a range of 360° capture techniques including drone videography and stunning vistas using the Nokia Ozo. The final video pieces were published to the UTS VR app, embedded in the UTS website and are planned for distribution via social channels.

Targeting prospective students throughout Asia and South America, Start VR developed the UTS VR interactive application using their proprietary Startgate platform for distribution on the Apple App Store, Google Play for Android, as well as publishing to prominent VR portals in China including; 360 Mobile, My App, Xiaomi and Baidu.

The UTS VR app enables users to experience content through a custom designed Google Cardboard headset, or using a “magic window” mode using just their mobile phone.

UTS International worked with the excellent team at StartVR, to produce an app and four videos to promote our university to our future international students. The team were all professional, throughout the whole project, discussing our needs and goals, scripting and filming videos and editing the footage to showcase UTS to our  target audiences.

In the international student recruitment arena, there are so many options available to prospective students. The UTS VR experience has given us a clear point of difference, that has resonated with our future students. It gives prospective students a first-hand experience into our campus and surroundings, despite them being so far from our campus.

The UTS VR app allows us to present the campus and facilities of University of Technology Sydney in an innovative light that captures the vibrancy of student life at UTS. Utilising virtual reality reflects the ethos of the UTS, as a dynamic and forward-thinking institution.

We look forward to expanding our VR video collection with Start VR over the coming years and recommend them to any organisation looking for a dynamic and professional team to meet their VR needs.


Mychel and Claire

UTS International, University of Sydney

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