Tricentis VR


Sales & Marketing   |   Activation    |   VR
  • To create an immersive, engaging case study video and accompanying game that can be showcased at events and activations that is a part of their marketing strategy to get the brand ideals out to members of the public.
  • A case study video to quickly and effectively inform event goers of the complex Tricentis product and their solutions.
  • An exciting immersive VR game to intice goers to the Tricentis booth. Tapping into their competitve nature that is visually rewarding.
  • Both applications are designed to increase public knowledge of their products and services in a simple and effective way.
  • A full service event activation product that came with pre-purchased, set-up Oculus Go VR headsets and additional iPad ready to go on event day.
  • Creating a Tricentis booth that was fitted with a marked game area and accompanying TV screen, so other visitors can see what the player sees, and leaderboard.
  • Comfortable seating area provided visitors with a safe place to watch the fully immersive VR case study video with headphones.
  • By using an additional iPad, Tricentis staff were able to sign visitors up to the game and get them on the leaderboard which increased inclusivity, excitement and competition. 

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