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Scenic Tours offers high-end, all-inclusive luxury tours in a variety of regions. 

The opulent nature of the tours is very hard to translate to potential clients but the high return rate of customers is proof that the quality of the service, once experienced, was worth the money. 

The question Scenic struggled with was how to convince people of the experience without them needing to be onboard  one of their ships. 

Start VR crafted a series of individual 360 videos and a 5 minute guided VR tour on board the Scenic Diamond, a 5-star “space ship” based in Bordeaux, France.

The shorter 360 videos, one for each of the spaces on board, highlight particular areas of scenic luxury travel and have significantly outperformed the brands 2D video content.

With an accompanying voice-over, familiar faces among the fellow guests, and action intended to highlight the quality finishings and level of detail, the Diamond VR tour received over 20,000 hits in the weekend it premiered on Facebook and continues to be used at information sessions and with tour agencies across Australia.

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