Redlight Confidential VR

Redlight Confidential

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Experience what it’s like to sit centre stage at Redlight Confidential; one of Australia’s most original and longstanding Burlesque events.

Redlight Confidential VR is an immersive VR experience shot entirely on the Nokia Ozo in stereoscopic 360° video. It offers a bite sized taste of the latest directorial techniques used to leverage 360° videography and is great example of crafting an entertaining story that takes full advantage of the medium.

With front-woman Kelly Ann Doll directing art, choreography and talent, and composer Michael Howard Wheatley writing and performing a song especially for the piece, viewers get a feeling for what it’s like to sit centre stage at a Redlight Confidential event.

“We wanted to capture the same presence you’d get while at the actual event. That meant going further than pointing camera and pressing record, we paid attention to the finer details like camera height and distance, character positioning and interaction, timing, and audio effects to create a ‘busy-room’

atmosphere” says Redlight VR Director Nick Strine (Start VR).  VR is less about camera transitions and editing, more about being in-tune with the personal touches; or, how it makes you ‘feel’.

Specially choreographed to play with perspectives, the experience is a feast for the senses as over 20 performers play to the camera, giving it their all in a shimmer of glitter, feathers, music, circus & magical burlesque in full stereo 360°.

No user can see everything in 360° at once, so a critical aspect to an enjoyable experience is striking the perfect balance between too much and not enough. With too much action going on users get overwhelmed with a sense of FOMO, not enough and there is little difference between traditional video and 360°.

The clip has been used to promote the Red Light Confidential ticket sales for their shows at Fringe World Festival, Perth and Adelaide Fringe Festival in January 2017. It was also premiered at the 2017 Berlin Biennale, Germany.

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