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Qantas has continued to prove it’s commitment to innovation and virtual reality tourism with the launch of the Qantas VR app.

Travellers who are curious about travelling to Australia can now experience a series of immersive 360° videos shot at places like Uluru, Hamilton Island and Sydney Harbour.

The Qantas VR app is among the first to leverage Start VR’s proprietary Startgate VR publishing platform which is quickly becoming the standard tool for brands and content creators to build their own virtual reality experiences.

The team at Start VR are delighted to announce the launch of Qantas VR, a dedicated virtual reality

application, available now for iOS, Android and the most popular virtual reality platforms; Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift (soon) and HTC Vive (soon).

The application is designed to work for all smartphone users with a a built in VR mode for switching between 2D “Magic Window” and a 3D mode for VR headsets.

A unique ‘Book Now’ button takes the user straight to the appropriate flight booking details page as the primary call to action.

Visit the Qantas website to learn more about the Qantas VR app.

“Our aim with the new virtual reality app is to connect with travellers by showcasing parts of Australia they may not be familiar with. Customers loved our trial of VR headsets last year, but we wanted to take it to another level and make it more accessible. Anyone with an iPhone or Android phone can take a virtual tour of Kakadu National Park, for instance, then book a flight directly from the app and see it in person.”

Olivia Wirth

Qantas Group Executive, Qantas

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