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New Caledonia Tourism

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New Caledonia Tourism commissioned StartVR to develop an engaging and innovative VR campaign to entice potential visitors and travellers.

Showcasing unforgettable moments of natural beauty, diverse culture and essence of New Caledonia, the app provides twelve scenes of immersive, sensory and interactive content experiences. Viewers are led by five different local guides across the five regions of New Caledonia, through twelve fantastic locations.

The Intimate 360 video and soundscapes experiences allow the user to; hear compelling stories from locals, explore private paradise beaches and gardens; be awed by the natural beauty, and appreciate the cosmopolitan New Caledonia lifestyle.

The Start VR Graphics, Unity and App Development team designed a custom StartGATE application interface to meet the requirements of New Caledonia Tourism. The app provides an interactive VR menu, secure multi-channel content distribution, multilingual support for four languages, engagement, heat map analytics, and push notifications alerts for content updates.

Available On

New Caledonia VR is available on Google Cardboard or Gear VR and is free on iOS & Android.

Supports all smartphones

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