Nespresso VR


Activations   | 360º Media
  • Create a Nespresso VR employee training experience
  • Showcase Nespresso Vertuo coffees to trainees
  • Educate about the origins of Nespresso Vertup Grand Cru coffee
  • Impart statistics regarding target demographics
  • Highlight technical aspects of new machine
  • The experience has been an enormous success with Nespresso
  • Nespresso will use VR in all upcoming training sessions
  • Collaborated with creative agency Atomic 212
  • VR takes user on a journey from coffee bean to cup
  • Experience explains complex concepts succinctly
  • Includes explanation of workings of Vertuo machine
  • Use of proximity to convey emotion
  • Angle of view was used to convey scale
  • Quadrant cutting used to seamlessly composite multiple environments into a single 360°

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