Candy Cane Fight VR

Market City

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  • To create an engaging VR activation for the Christmas and summer break, motivating customers to bring their families and visit Market City.


  • Ten million people came in contact with the campaign; over 6000 people played the game, and 30% returned to play it more than once.

  • The activation was proclaimed as a great success by the management and marketing teams, with plans already underway to push the experience further for next year.

  • A room-scale VR game that pitted customers against a giant angry snowman, hell-bent on ruining Christmas.

  • Players were armed with giant candy canes and encouraged to hit snowballs and presents, avoid bombs and damage Gumpy to save the day.

  • Visitors registered their contact details (via an iPad), to play for daily and weekly prizes and to see their name projected on the giant leaderboard.

  • Players were encouraged to share their high score on social media to generate buzz.

  • Start VR produced a Mixed Reality video used for social seeding, paid campaigns and for display via the in-store advertising network.

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