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Different people work best in different ways.

Lion Future Works was an internal communications piece produced for one of Australia’s largest and best known food and beverage companies. It highlights the business’ commitment to creating flexibility in how, when and where their employees work.

Future Works showcases technology and digital tools implemented by LION to enable easier collaboration and mobility across the businesses various locations and teams. Combining 3D, CGI and video footage this VR experience demonstrates LION’s advanced communication initiatives that generate a happy, harmonious and efficient workplace, no matter where their staff are situated.

The project was successfully delivered using Start VR’s suite of immersive learning solutions.

Our objective was to inspire Leaders behind a vision of what the future of work could be for our people across different roles and contexts. We used VR as a powerful, innovative way for our Leaders to wholly immerse themselves in this vision and experience what the future could be for themselves. The result has been that our Leaders have a strong personal connection behind our vision  and are now starting to bring this to life with their teams.
Kate Sermanni

Insights & Strategy Leader, People and Culture, LION

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