Julius Horsthuis

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Start VR has partnered with Julius Horsthuis, an amazing fractal artist and VFX Supervisor. Start VR’s CEO, Kain Tietzel, is a big fan of Julius’s work and approached him with the idea of building a custom app to accomodate his creations. Julius has a large fan base, but there was no central platform to enable them to experience his VR work. Julius was thrilled to collaborate with Start VR and that led to the creation of a bespoke app interface as a unique housing for his incredible 360° fractal VR worlds of art.

Start VR created a customised Startgate app to house Julius’s fractal environments.

The Fractasia Startgate app allows continual updates and an infinite number of VR worlds to be added by Julius as he creates new fractals, enhancing the sense of endlessness these environments give the viewer.

Fractasia is another example of the Startgate platform in action, providing artists and content creators the tools to publish their own work and reach wider audiences.

Fractasia is available for iOS and Android cardboard as well as the HTC Vive and Gear VR.

Working with StartVR on Fractasia has been amazing. They have taken my fractal experiences and turned them into a really streamlined app – which makes it a much more accessible experience for many users, both new to VR and experienced VR consumers. I hope that through Fractasia people can experience my art in new ways. Julius Horsthuis

Fractal Artist

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