Fb building 2020


Activation   |   Startgate  |  Sales & Marketing   |   VR   |   AR

In collaboration with event management specialists Our Friends Electric, Start VR implemented an activation over three days that included a dedicated VR app launcher, content curation, hardware installation design, and a team of experts to manage and present the media.

  • Showcase Oculus Virtual Reality hardware solutions, Facebook’s Augmented Reality software solutions and to promote the talent of Australian immersive agencies.


  • Facebook’s activation was deemed a critical success with trade and popular press generating articles and video stories on the event. For many event-goers, this was their first time inside Virtual Reality, and their reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Facebook plans to run more events like this in the future.
  • Custom Oculus GO experience “launcher” empowering users to make informed content selections.
  • Curated experiences that showed off the most significant opportunities in immersive storytelling, advertising, gaming, education, and entertainment.
  • Staffed the event with technical, creative and sales personnel, backed by practical advice and industry know-how.
  • Journalists and VIP guests were invited to chat, share and collaborate in a virtual chat room using the Oculus SPACES app. The avatars of participants shared objects, viewed their Facebook feed, shared media and even took virtual selfies of each other, while their experience was lives streamed to event attendees and the Internet via Facebook.

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