Club Swizzle

Sydney Opera House

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The Sydney Opera House wanted to show the range of their programming and create a buzz around their all singing-all dancing, Alt-Cabaret sensation: Club Swizzle.

For maximum impact, we used our knowhow to create experiences tailored for social media and VR hardware.

In Club Swizzle, the creme de la creme of cabaret acts from around the world take stage on a cocktail bar counter top, acrobats serve your drinks during the intermission and the whole room reverberates with rowdy, raunchy cabaret atmosphere.

The night is about more than just the acts on stage, so pre-show, we meet our ringmaster extraordinaire Murray Hill and spend some time with our glamorous audience at the bar.
We used our experience with existing lighting and audio to minimise disruption on the night, and positioned the camera within the audience to capture the intimacy between stage and crowd and the raw dynamism of the acts throughout the evening.


Our Nokia Ozo camera ensured that the larger than life performances were captured in stereo vision. The separation of foreground and background content heightens the audience’s’ experience and adds an extra layer of realism to the captured action.

We delivered two different versions of the experience with unique graphics and editorial approach for each.

The VR onsite activation for samsung Gear VR was over two and half minutes long and was cut with longer takes allowing the nuance of the performance and sense of what it felt like to be a member of the audience to be presented.

The social 360° video, optimised for Facebook consumption is one of the most popular videos on the Sydney Opera House’s Facebook with over 340,00 views and 1,500 likes, comments and shares.


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