Club Swizzle

Sydney Opera House

Marketing & Sales   |  360º Media
  • Showcase The Sydney Opera House’s programming
  • Create buzz around their Alt-Cabaret sensation Club Swizzle
  • Capture the rowdy, raunchy cabaret atmosphere
  • Delivered two different experiences with unique graphics and editorial approaches
  • Longer cut for activations with Samsung Gear VRs
  • Social media cut: over 340,00 views and 1,500 reactions
  • Created experiences tailored for social media and VR
  • Captured the creme de la creme of cabaret acts at Club Swizzle
  • Worked with existing lighting to minimise disruption 
  • Positioned the camera within the audience to capture the intimacy between stage and crowd
  • Nokia Ozo captured the raw dynamism of the acts
  • The Ozo captured the experience in stereo
  • Foreground and background content separated to add extra layer of realism

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