Start VR’s next original project Awake is a speculative virtual reality fiction, based on true stories of dreamworld encounters and strange visitations.

Seven strangers dream of a mysterious and omnipotent visitor that communicates to them by transforming and reshaping the reality. In AWAKE you play each of these people as they sleep. Enter their dreams and uncover the message that could impact humanity forever.

Awake is a character-driven cinematic Virtual Reality film, powered by advanced interactive game engine mechanics that combines volumetric performance capture, photogrammetry environments, live action and interactive puzzles that place you inside the adventure.


It’s Close Encounters meets Inception, in a room-scale virtual reality adventure that tears at the fabric of reality and delights with incredible audience interaction. Awake is an entirely new vision of storytelling, uniquely suited to virtual reality. 

Awake has been developed in house at Start VR along with a growing roster of collaborations with outstanding creatives. The latest confirmation on the project is award-winning video game creator, Christian Cantamessa, winner of “Outstanding Achievement Game Direction” from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences for his role as the writer and lead designer on international blockbuster, Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games.

Im very excited about this collaboration with Start VR, virtual reality is the newest frontier in storytelling and interactivity. The Start VR team is pioneering new ideas and techniques that will help push the medium forward.

Christian Cantamessa

Interaction Designer on Awake (Former game designer and writer, Red Dead Redemption)