AWAKE: Episode One

Original Project   |  Interactive Cinematic VR   |   HTC Vive

AWAKE VR is a character-driven interactive cinematic VR series that blurs the line between dream and reality, as you are drawn into the perplexities surrounding space, time and the human psyche in its most vulnerable state.

In Episode One, protagonist Harry, is a prisoner in his own house, obsessed with discovering the truth behind a recurring dream of his long-lost wife Rose and a strange pattern that contains a cryptic message.

Harry lives a life of process. His obsession is to dream often as way to relive a better past, unearthing the mysteries that haunt him and to correct a mistake that has cost him everything. But who is pulling the strings? An ominous voice on the phone warns Harry of his mistakes and propels him to act.

And now there is a new presence in Harry’s world. You. Your arrival signals a life-changing event that is capable of saving Harry from his darkness and unlocking the true potential of humanity’s future.


5 December 2018


HTC Vive
Windows MR (coming soon)
Oculus Rift (coming soon)


English & Chinese


Viveport (coming soon)


You are invited to step into the characters dreaming selves to shape and nurture the story as it unfolds around you.

Navigating around the dreamworld is subtle and intuitive, enabling you to experience varying layers of inquiry and narrative realization. As the story unfolds you will reveal a deeper storyline, find fascinating objects to play with and uncover hidden clues  that will allow you to solve this mind-boggling mystery.

AWAKE VR is designed to be experienced in a tracked, room-scale environment on the HTC Vive.

Microsoft Mixed Reality, Rift and other VR Headsets to be released in 2019.


Things are changing for Harry. As his lucid dreams start shifting and the border between his inner-world and real-world start to crumble, Harry questions his sanity.

As he tries to escape his mental loop, dreams begin to manifest in peculiar and frightening ways…


Jake McDorman will play the protagonist Harry, a sharp and misjudged man with a mysterious past and unique insight into the unseen worlds that exist around him. Analeigh Tipton will play Rose, the love of Harry’s life at the centre of his favourite memories.

Jake McDorman

American Sniper, Limitless, Die Hard 4.0 (IMDB)

Analeigh Tipton

Crazy, Stupid, Love & Warm Bodies (IMDB)

Nicholas Hope

Bad Boy Bubby & VR Noir (IMDB)



Series Creator and Director, Martin Taylor, has spent eight years plotting out the AWAKE story Universe. It is the culmination of a lifelong study into reality perception, lucid dreaming, OOBE’s, consciousness sciences and remote viewing, along with countless testimonials from people who have encountered strange phenomena.

AWAKE: Episode One is the first of eight unfolding character-driven chapters, set to tackle these topics while delivering an expansive mind-bending plot that is only possible in Virtual Reality.


The incredible quality of this production is due to our passionate and talented production and funding partners: HTC Vive Studios, Animal Logic, Microsoft Mixed Reality Studios, Screen Australia, United Talent Agency, HP, Unreal Engine, Christian Cantamessa and Mike Jones.

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