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Atlas Obscura

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The Definitive Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders, now in VR

Atlas Obscura VR is one of our most ambitious projects to date. It pushes all the boundaries of motion capture and VR technology. High poly count photogrammetry renders integrated with 8k 360º stereoscopic video and high levels of interactivity all bundled up into a headset.

However no amount of technology can replace a great story, and this is where Atlas Obscura VR really sets itself apart from any other VR experience on the market.

Successfully delivered using Start VR’s suite of immersive learning solutions

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Temples of Damanhur: Ep.1

Go deep within the Alps of Italy, where an enigmatic commune have lived in secret for over 30 years. These spiritual dwellers will be your guide through an incredible maze of underground tunnels. Discover reality-bending technology, go on an historical treasure hunt, or teach plants to sing. Enter this location and immerse yourself in an infinity of colour, and a world of altered perceptions. Download now from the Oculus Gear VR App Store.

The Salt Mines of Salina Turda: Ep.2

Dig beneath the surface and venture underground where you’ll find an ancient salt mine, as old as salt mining itself. Hear echoes bounce through cavernous chambers, float across the surface of an underground lake, and be awestruck by the relics of past generations. Explore the antiquities discovered by miners thousands of years ago. Download now from the Oculus Gear VR App Store.

Winchester House of Mystery: Ep. 3

The centre of haunting, eccentric tales of love and loss dating back to the late 800s, Winchester House is a pillar of American history. Travel through this fabled mansion, experiencing a wealth of cultural relics, hidden passages, manicured gardens and lush decor. If you venture far enough within, you may encounter a ghostly figure who was once the world’s wealthiest woman. Download now from the Oculus Gear VR App Store.

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