Now available for Australian 360° and VR production

Start VR has partnered with Nokia Technologies; to showcase the OZO camera – a groundbreaking stereoscopic virtual reality camera designed for professional content production. Storytelling in VR requires sleek and powerful equipment and the Nokia OZO is at the forefront of this style of cinematic virtual reality. It is the first VR camera that offers a live feed. This means that for the first time in VR production the director, key crew and client can monitor the action of the frame in real-time, as the OZO offers a live

preview of the footage being captured. This saves precious time and enables greater artistic integrity and flexibility.

In addition to this ground breaking feature – the quality of the video captured is exceptional. The OZO camera features 8 x 4K ultra high definition (UHD) ‘eyes’ for 360-degree monoscopic (2D) and stereoscopic (3D) VR shooting. We’ll capture all the magic with the Nokia OZO.



The incredible benefits of the OZO don’t stop there. OZO’s other in-camera features further overcome the various challenges usually associated with VR video production, in particular;

The OZO allows you to shift the stitchlines within the frame, so key action can play out with the flexibility of not having to worry about if the action is playing out over a stitchline.

It offers vision control features such as luminance and colour correction – so factors which are unique to VR – such as the difficulty of lighting, and choreographing action are easily visible and adjustable on set.

It records with full spatial 5.1 on-body 3D audio – that’s


automatically in sync with the 360° video capture – allowing realtime audio/vision monitoring.

Plus this revolutionary technology has full compatibility with professional work flow processes thereby offering a significant reduction in post-production complexity and time spent stitching, enhancing the footage captured.

All of these factors can also be utilised to create the first ‘live’ VR broadcast vision.

StartVR are one of the first companies in Australia to bring OZO into the country; offering agencies & partners unparalleled access to cutting- edge ‘live’ virtual reality & high-resolution shooting.

The industrial design is phenomenal, the concept behind it is revolutionary, and it’s something you’re seeing for the first time… a purpose-built camera built literally from the ground up.

Ted Schilowitz

Futurist, 20th Century Fox

OZO features:

• 8 x 4K ultra high definition

• True Spatial Sound – gives you a perfect sync with your 360° spherical video

• Live Broadcast – that’s right a camera rig that can live stream in 360°

• Wireless – 1 compact memory cartridge enabling wireless operation

• Live Virtual Reality Preview – as a director you can see and hear everything in Virtual Reality in real-time

• Real-time Monitoring – cuts down on edit times allowing sensor adjustments to be made on the fly

This camera is nothing short of amazing; beautifully built and really does mark the arrival of true cinematic VR. We are very excited to put Nokia OZO through its paces in a series of exciting VR projects and to demonstrate the camera at our scheduled conferences and showcase events throughout the year.

Martin Taylor

Head of Content

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