Start VR Hires “Nighttime Terror” and “Gravity Lab” VR Dev Gun Mark Schramm

Mark Schramm Start VR Lead Developer AR NUI

Start VR is thrilled to welcome to the team Mark Schramm. An award-winning VR, NUI and software developer, Mark is eager to create new immersive, interactive VR experiences with the Start VR team.

For the past five years, Mark has worked as an independent VR & AR developer, releasing several incredible projects across the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. These include Gravity Lab and Nighttime Terror (pictured).

Screenshot of Grablav Gravity Lab VR developed by Mark Schramm Start VR
Gravlab Gravity Lab Screenshot developed by Mark Schramm Start VR
Nighttime Terror VR developed by Mark Schramm Start vR

Mark, with our Co-founder and CEO, Kain Tietzel, organises the Sydney VR Meetup Group, a local collective of VR hobbyists, developers, entrepreuners, and investors. Together, Mark and Kain host these events to discuss and showcase new VR technologies.

It was this early foundation that led Kain to seek out Mark for the Start VR team.

Mark Schramm Start VR speaking at the Sydney VR SVR Meetup

To say we’re stoked to have him on board is definitely an understatement – Mark is one of the brightest and most innovative VR developer talents in the world right now. We’re incredibly lucky to have him. His deep knowledge and experience is an incredible asset to the whole team.

Kain Tietzel

Co-founder and CEO, Start VR

The excitement is clearly mutual: Mark made the move from Canberra to Sydney to be part of our team. He’ll jump straight into development for our latest original project ‘Awake’: an interactive, cinematic VR film that challenges traditional passive movie-watching. It’s one of the projects that drew him to the Start VR studio.

“I am particularly looking forward to creating a new level of interactive VR experiences,” says Mark, “One of the many StartVR projects I am excited about is the amazing speculative fiction work ‘Awake’.”

You can learn more about the projects Mark is working on, including Awake, on the Start VR projects page.