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Transform your workforce, inspire loyalty, retain your best staff and arm them with the knowledge and skills to be more effective in their careers with Immersive Learning Solutions in VR & AR.

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Modern problems require
Modern solutions

Employees are demanding better learning tools to keep them engaged, informed and empowered to achieve their best. 

Businesses need cost effective solutions that increase productivity, retain knowledge, improve comprehension and motivate their workforce.

Your business needs more effective learning tools

Anyone in an HR, L&D, Change Management or e-Learning role understands how difficult it is to engage their audience, access reporting insights that are actionable and manage stakeholder expectations when 80% of learning has been forgotten within ten days of training.

VR IS PROVEN TO Reduce training time by 4x

Training in VR provides learners with the quickest and most comprehensive understanding of a situation and environment, and has been shown to condense training time by up to 75%


40% Increase in Performance & Retention

Immersive VR experiences stimulate our brains with rich visual imagery and spatial sounds, which has a lasting impact on our long-term memory.

Boost employee engagement & retention

Learners are demanding better, faster, more impactful ways to learn and stay engaged. VR is an exciting, cost effective and practical way to engage learners.


The future is right here, right now…

Immersive learning technologies are being embraced by the worlds biggest companies across every industry vertical.

Start VR has provided end-to-end immersive solutions for companies including Qantas, Samsung, UTS, Woolmark, Westpac and even the Australian Rugby Union team.

If you’re not investing in immersive learning solutions now, you can be sure your competitors are… 

“42% of millennials are likely to leave their employers because they’re not learning fast enough.”

Deloitte (Global Human Capital Trends Report)

Our Latest Work

Our immersive learning solutions will enable your business to move mountains, save lives, transform your workforce, inspire loyalty, retain your best staff and arm them with the knowledge and skills to be more effective.


Saving lives with St John Ambulance’s immersive CPR & First Aid program

Our immersive learning products enabled St John Ambulance Victoria to reduce First Aid certification training in 400% less time.

Trainers can manage classes, student performance and conduct virtual and physical assessments using the companion Trainer App.

See for yourself: Book a SJX First Aid course


Helping young autistic adults overcome complex social situations

Los Angeles based Bridge Behavioural provides therapists with an interative learning solution to teach individuals with ASD about safety, social skills, dating and sex education through realistic VR scenarios and first person role-play.

Therapists can see their patients view in real-time, can take control of the patients focus, manage their progress and archive sessions for later playback and review using the companion Trainer app. 


Engaging younger students with impressive interactive learning & play

Deliver engaging Augmented and immersive multi-path Virtual Reality movies to public audiences with a downloadable app for smartphones, tablets and dedicated headsets.

ANSTO XR takes audiences inside a nuclear reactor in VR and brings the Periodic Table of Elements to life in AR.

Sydney Opera House & Erth places students within arms reach of life-like dinosaurs with Digital Dinos.


Retail employees safely exposed to aggressive customer simulations

Customer facing businesses can prepare their front-line employees with difficult-to-replicate “confrontational customer” scenarios. 

Learners experienced increased empathy and improved conflict resolution skills, which enabled them to be better prepared for life-threatening situations and resulted in a safer workplace for employees and customers.

Enterprise ready

We provide your business with proven end-to-end immersive training solutions that are robust, easy to implement and designed to scale.

1. Establish business requirements & learning KPI's

2. Choose from our proven learning solutions

3. Create immersive learning content

4. Trainer engagement & implementation

5. Training results, analytics & reporting

Enterprise grade hardware, services & Concierge-level support

Start VR has delivered over 1,000,000 spatial computing and immersive experiences to dedicated headsets, smart devices, browsers and screens across the globe. 

Our enterprise partnerships with market leaders (including Oculus for Business and Microsoft Azure), will provide your business with turn-key hardware solutions, concierge customer support, and rapid content delivery and analytics backed by the security of the Microsoft Azure cloud. 

Seeing is believing. Contact us for a live demonstration or for more details about our immersive learning solutions.

Content Production Studio


Utilising the latest asset creation, interactive story-telling and user experience design techniques, your training scenarios will achieve a visceral and highly believable audio-visual aesthetic, creating a deeper and more memorable learning experience.

Live Action

Create richly cinematic & stereoscopic 360° visuals, combined with visceral spatial audio, to deliver realistic scenarios with greater presence and authenticity.


Bring nuanced and emotional human performances to life with incredibly realistic or hyper-stylised Holographic actors using Volumetric Performance Capture techniques


Recreate any physical location as a photorealistic three dimensional model and enable your learners to interact with near-perfect simulations.

CGI & 3D Animation

Deliver complex mechanical interactions and playful gamification experiences using advanced modelling and animation, motion graphics and motion capture.

Internationally Celebrated

Creating award winning interactive cinematic experiences since 2015

Customer success stories

St John Ambulance Victoria has significantly cut down the time it takes to deliver a first aid course – from almost half a day to just one hour, while still ensuring that students get the same high-quality learning experience.

The immersive learning experience will continue to equip our students with the skills and real-world scenarios they need to improve cardiac arrest response times and ultimately, survival rates.

Gordon Botwright

CEO, St John Ambulance Victoria

We used VR as a powerful, innovative way for our Leaders to wholly immerse in a vision of what the future of work could be for our people across different roles and contexts.

The result has been that our Leaders have a strong personal connection behind our vision and are now starting to bring this to life with their teams.”

Kate Sermanni

Insights & Strategy Leader, People & Culture, Lion

Transform your business with immersive learning

Our award-winning content production team can create visually stunning and highly engaging interactive experiences that will impress and inspire your learners, trainers and stakeholders. 

Contact us for a demonstration or to discuss a project you’re looking to create.

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