The future has arrived with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the the most exciting technologies of our age; forever changing how we communicate, how we share and how we interact with the world around us.


Start VR are leveraging the latest in Augmented Reality development frameworks AR Kit (apple) and ARCore (google) on development platforms including Unity and Unreal Engine. Most augmented reality experiences are delivered via a downloadable software app that can then be experienced using the following hardware.

AR Glasses

For the most compelling AR experience, dedicated Augmented Reality headsets (such as the Hololens and Magic Leap) enable you to see tracked and contextual information laid over the real world.


The most common and practical way to experience AR today is using a modern Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. Your smart phones screen becomes your window to an alternative reality.

MR Headsets

A Mixed Reality (MR) headset combines the visual fidelity and tracking capability of a virtual reality headset and passes the real-world into the environment using an external camera mounted on the headset.


The idea that an augmented digital screen with replace books, TV and your smartphone is becoming a reality. Start VR are specialists in Virtual and Augmented Reality applications for enterprise, education and entertainment.


The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is using Augmented Reality to educate and inspire students across Australia. By bringing AR learning to mobile devices they are engaging students and teaching them all about the periodic table of elements, how useful they are in everyday life and the important work they do at ANSTO.


Games, marketing and location based activations are perfect applications for augmented reality entertainment. This Telstra Drone AR activation was created for the MR Magic Leap headset. The combination of real-world view overlayed with augmented content makes for an exciting experience. 


Augmented Reality has the potential to increase business scope. It can also replace learning processes and sales opportunities with more modern techniques that take full advantage of the advancements in technology. Australian based agribusiness Elders commissioned this informative and entertaining piece of AR that is linked with their “A day in the life” piece of promotional material. Showcasing the steps that plants and crops go through from field to fork.

Australia’s leading AR & VR studio

Start VR is a full service mixed reality production studio. We are there for you from concept through to completion, ensuring that your project is of the highest standard for design, user engagement and ROI.


We handle all aspects of your AR project production inclusing concept, capture and creative.

UI & UX Design and production

Our mobile and mixed reality interface design expertise ensures that every experience is intuitive and exquisite.


Our team of software engineers, modellers and programmers are production hardened in AR dev tools.

Publishing & Distribution

With over one million downloads of our projects, we can also amplify and globally scale your campaign.

Start VR are specialists in Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality applications
for enterprise, education and entertainment.

Clients & Collaborators

The Star Entertainment Group
Sydney Opera House
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Playstation VR
HTC Vive
Red Bull
Bank SA
The Australian Federal Government
Pernod Ricard
University of Technology Sydney

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